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Compare Cheapest & Best Fibre & ADSL broadband providers in NZ

Broadband Providers are improving their deals every month with options on FIbre/VDSL and unlimited data options available at great prices. See the best broadband deals in the tables below.

As the deals are getting better shorter contracts allow you to get the best broadband data and speeds when your contract expires. There are also no contract broadband providers which currently offer some great deals.

Even if you are on a contract but see a better deal, give your broadband provider a call to see if they can give the latest deal. If you don’t need a phone line consider Naked Broadband which provides broadband without a phone line.
Cheapest broadband deals in NZ:
Flip Broadband currently offers the cheapest broadband deal as listed below – $69/month for Unlimited Broadband and no contract!

Slingshot have the best deal on 100Mbps broadband at $69.95 for 150Gb.

CompanyPriceData GbPartner DiscountsSpeed (Down/Up) Up to:
Flip54.95100Naked ADSL
Flip69UNLNaked ADSL
MyRepublic74.99UNL100/20 Fibre
2 Degrees75UNL100/20 Fibre
2 Degrees100UNL900/400 Fibre
2 Degrees6580100/20 Fibre
Skinny Broadband73UNL100/20 Fibre
Skinny Broadband39604G Mobile
Skinny Broadband491204G Mobile
Slingshot84.95UNL100/20 Fibre
Slingshot69.9515030/10 Fibre
Slingshot99.95UNL900/400 Fibre
Spark94.99UNL$300 account credit on 12 month plan
Vodafone79.99UNL24 month term
Vodafone69.9910024 month term
Vodafone94.99UNLNEON for 12 months
24 month term & Vodafone TV
WorldxChange99UNL12 month term
Orcon84.95UNL100/20 Fibre
Orcon84.95UNLGigantic Fibre- fastest speed 900/400

Added costs include installation fees. Some Broadband providers offer free wireless modems if you need this. If you don’t see if you can make a discount on the cost of the installation.

VDSL typically is about 3x faster than ADSL 2+ but is not available in all areas.

Deals and Terms & Conditions can change frequently, so always check before signing up as we are not responsible if there has been a recent change in price or terms.

But think about Naked Broadband if you don’t think you need a phone line as it could save you money.

If you already have broadband setup, at the end of your contract check our site & then call your own provider to see if they can offer you a better deal. They often provide a free broadband modem but this is not much use if you already have one. So ask if you can get a discount if you transfer to them, rather than the free modem.

Broadband Plans in New Zealand

This market is ALWAYS changing so always check out latest deals and terms & conditions on the company website who is providing the broadband.

12-24 month contracts usually apply and if you want to cancel prior to that there is usually a termination fee. Check with your broadband provider for the latest information.

Naked Broadband (Rural Customers pay an extra)
VOIP allows you to make calls through your broadband connection, so you don’t need a landline. It can provide you with a local phone line number as before but all calls are routed through your broadband connection. This service which is a form or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) offers substantial savings for calls abroad.

Spark Broadband & Phone Packages
Gives you the option to create your own Broadband & Phone package with Spark (Previously Telecom)

Vodafone Broadband & Phone Packages

National/Toll Call Deals in New Zealand

Spark & Vodafone etc are now offering unlimited national toll calls for a set fee per month on top of your normal home line rental:


Offers a range of home phone plans:

Talk 0 plan
Extra $6/mth
Calls to nominated Vodafone Mobile free for 1 hour (then 36c/min)

Talk 1 plan
Extra $15.33/mth
Unlimited number of calls in evenings (6pm-8am) & all weekend to National Landlines

Talk 2 plan
Extra $20.44/mth

Unlimited number of calls anytime to National Landlines

Talk 2 NZ & Aus
Extra $25.56/mth

Unlimited NZ & Australia toll calls Anytime

Talk 3
Extra $40.89/mth
Unlimited calls to National Landlines in 21 Countries

NZ Mobiles charged at 36c /min


Offers a more limited range of national calling plans to existing home phone users:

Talk it up Plans

Talk it up DownUnder

Call a landline in NZ or Australia anytime

Talk up to 2 hrs per call (check T&Cs)

Talk it up Overseas

Extra $30/mth
Call for up to 2 hours to 20 different countries.

Max 6000 mins of calls per month
Check out the terms & conditions for full details of this offer.

Please Note: Any prices on this page can change at any time. Always refer to current prices on website pages where you are purchasing from for the latest prices.

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