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Compare the Best Credit Card Deals in New Zealand
Lowest Annual Fee

Warehouse Purple Card

Offers one of the best deals on Credit cards in New Zealand at the moment with NO Annual fee & earn reqards when you spend.
KiwiBank Mastercard Zero
No Annual Fee
if you pay for something on the card every 3 months!

The cost of the annual fee of a credit card can often outweigh cost of the rewards if you spend small amounts on the card.

Some banks may offer you No fee on the credit card for 1st 6 months if you have been a good or new customer. Always ask if this is possible. It has worked for us in the past!

Lowest Interest Rates
Best Balance Transfer RatesThese are the lowest rates when you transfer the balance of your present credit card to these companies credit cards (Must be different credit card companies).
0% on balance transfers until for 12 months.
5.95% balance transfer for life


Lowest Standard Rates for Credit CardsThese are the lowest rates for standard purchases on your credit card. ie you don’t need to transfer your credit card balances to get these rates.

ANZ Low Rate Credit Card 9.95%  $58/yr

ASB Low interest Visa12.70% $60/yr

Cashback reward Cards
Be careful with rewards credit cards as the annual fee can be more than the rewards you get from the card.
Consumer magazine rated ANZ Cashback Credit Card
Minimum spend $5000/year

Spend: $5000-$9999/yr: 0.5% cashback of your spend (spend $5000 get $25 back)
$10000-30,000/yr: 1% cashback (spend $12000 get $120)

includes travel insurance

Spend: $5000-9999/yr: 0.5% cashback of your spend
$10000+: 1% cashback


Compare Credit Card Rewards
FlightsA Consumer Magazine report compared flight rewards with credit cards and showed how many flights to Sydney you would get if spent $25000/yr on your credit card:Best Amex Blue with turbo rewards 0.73

Qantas ANZ Platinum card best cards 0.69
0.73 means 73% of the value of the flight. So you’d need to spend $25000 to get just 73% of points needed to fly to Sydney!

(Note the taxes & fuel surcharges are often not included on these frequent flyer flights and can be very expensive in these days of high fuel prices (around $100 to sydney!)

It can therefore take a lot of spending to get your rewards. Also, with any reward scheme, always consider any annual fees; you may find that you’ve been charged more in fees than you’ve saved with rewards!


Free Travel Insurance with Gold/Platinum Credit Cards

Gold & Platinum credit cards offer some of the best deals if you travel at least once a year as you usually get free travel insurance. The savings from having free travel insurance alone can cover the cost of the annual fee, let alone getting free rewards on some cards.
Most Gold, Platinum or Titanium credit cards offer free travel insurance when paying for your flights & holiday costs with your credit card.

As you can see below its a minefield of information and the companies doesn’t make it easy to compare! Each has slightly different terms & conditions.
To activate the travel insurance cover each has slightly different terms.

Some say you need to pay for the whole trip with credit card, some allow you to pay with account funds from linked bank account (ASB credit card with their bank account).


Make sure you always have proof of purchase for anything in your baggage you may want to claim as the insurance company will always ask for this.


Please note:

Always check the terms haven’t changed since this table was published. Always check your with the card issuers before relying on this below as it is only a guide and can change at any time.
The policies & their wordings & coverage can change at any time so always check your policy’s terms & condition to ensure you are fully covered before departure.


type No. of days insurance if travel bought with card Card Fee /yr
AMEX  Platinum Edge 90 $149
ANZ  Gold

Qantas Platinum




ASB  Platinum Rewards

Platinum Rewards







BNZ  Visa Platinum  35 $80
KiwiBank Gold  40 $80
Westpac  Gold