Compare VOIP Providers NZ

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.
It is a way to make calls to landlines without the need for a landline and uses the internet to make the calls using either your computer or a phone attached to the internet.
Voip Phone Providers in NZ include:

Cheapest:  2talk

Free service without NZ Phone Number & only 15 mins free
$35/mth with a NZ Local Phone Number incl 6000 mins local mins & 2000 mins to National or 60+ Countries & 50 mobile minutes
$11.50/mth gets you a phone line & NZ number (you can transfer your existing home number)
Local: Free
National: 5c/min
Mobile : 20c/min



Is another option:


Personal Plans Included No’s Local Mins National Mins Mobile Mins Monthly Fee
KVP Basic 1 200 30 0  $9.50
KVP Home 1 200 60 30  $13.50
KV Ultra 1 200 300 60  $24.50


Offer a service called Skype Out to call any landline for less.
Calls from 2c/min.