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Mobile Plans – Updated  31 March 2018

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Warehouse Mobile NZ –120 mins calls or unlimited texts or 500Mb data for $4 each
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Cheapest Mobile Plans

  • Warehouse Mobile NZ  seems the cheapest plan for smaller data & call users- 120 mins calls or unlimited texts or 500Mb data pack each cost only $4!
  • SkinnyDirect Mobile is best for larger packs $35/month for 4Gb data Unlimited calls & texts!


There are now 6 mobile companies in NZ. Spark (formerly Telecom), Vodafone, 2 Degrees, Skinny (runs on the Spark Network), The Warehouse Mobile (On 2 Degrees) & Slingshot (On Spark)

We make it easier to compare phone packs for calls, TXTs or Data.

Best value mobile plans:

Warehouse Mobile NZ offers the best overall package with 120 minutes of calls and/or unlimited texts and/or 500Mb for $4/month for each pack

Vodafone offers good plans.

Spark (formerly Telecom) offers some of the best mobile coverage in NZ.

Compare Mobile Plans

CompanyPrice $Data (Gb)Calls (mins)TextsNotes
Warehouse Mobile 12 /31 days0.5120 NZUNL NZEach pack costs $4=$12/31days for calls text & data,
UNL Calls to Warehouse Mob
over pack- buy new pack
Warehouse Mobile 16 /31 days1.25240 NZUNL NZUNL Calls to Warehouse Mob
over pack- buy new pack
Skinny16 /28 days1.25200 NZ & OZUNL NZ & OZOver pack 20c/min 20c/Mb, NZ & OZ Numbers. Unlimited calls to Skinny Mob
2 Degrees19/month1.25200 NZ & OZUNL NZ & OZOver pack- 44c/min, 50c/Mb Unlimited Calls to 2Degrees Mob
Spark19/28 days1.25200 NZUNL NZ1Gb free Wifi/day
over pack- 49c/min, $1/day for 10Mb
Vodafone 750Mb19/28 days1.25200 NZ & OZUNL NZ & OZover pack- 49c/min, $1/25Mb
Vodafone 1.5Gb29/28 days2300 NZ & OZUNL NZ & OZ
2 Degrees29/month2.5200 NZ & OZUNL NZ & OZ
Spark29/28 days2300 NZ UNL NZ1Gb free Wifi/day
over pack- 49c/min, $1/day for 10Mb
Skinny Unlimited35/month4000UNL NZ & OZUNL NZ & OZ
Warehouse Mobile 38/31 days5120 NZUNL NZEach pack costs $4=$12/31days for calls text & data,
UNL Calls to Warehouse Mob
over pack- buy new pack
Vodafone 3Gb42/28 days 3000500 NZ & OZUNL NZ & OZ
2 Degrees49/month10200 NZ & OZUNL NZ & OZ
Skinny Unlimited50/month12UNL NZ & OZUNL NZ & OZ
Skinny Unlimited65/month25UNL NZ & OZUNL NZ & OZ
Skinny Unlimited79/monthUNLUNL NZ & OZUNL NZ & OZData slows after 22Gb! No Tethering or personal hotspot

Compare Prepaid Rates

CompanyData (c/Mb)Calls (c/mins)Texts (c/text)
Warehouse Mobile 642
Spark$1/day for 10 Mb2020
2 Degrees504420

Mobile Companies

Skinny Mobile

NZ’s latest mobile operator .Uses Spark infrastructure.
Offers some of the cheapest rates around.

$16/month renew each week gets you:

150 mins calls
Unlimited NZ & OZ TXTs
1000Mb Data

2 Degrees Mobile
2 Degrees offers some of the cheapest mobile calls in New Zealand.

If you order a SIM online you get a SIM with $20 Credit for $20.

Normal rates:

20c to text and 44c to call mobiles and landlines in 22 countries including Australia, China & the UK

Combo Packs

All the packs below are valid for 1 month & automatically renew if you don’t cancel them.

$19/month Combo Pack

150 mins to any NZ network
Unlimited TXTs to any NZ or OZ Network
1000Mb National Data

Overseas Roaming

Check out the International Roaming Rates for 2 degrees.
They also have special rates for Data Roaming.

However it usually far cheaper to get a local SIM if you can & your phone is unlocked to any network.


Spark Mobile

49c/min calls to NZ landline
TXT NZ 20c International 30c

100 min calls
Unlimited NZ TXTs (fair use policy applies)
500Mb Data
Free wifi 1Gb/day


Vodafone Mobile


100 mins calls, 750Mb Data & Unlimited NZ TXTs


200 Mins, 1500Mb Data & Unlimited NZ TXTs



500 Mins, 3000Mb Data & Unlimited NZ TXTs


Prepaid standard rates:

NZ calls 20c/min

TXTs NZ 1c

Data 20c/Mb


Warehouse Mobile

Started in 2015

Offers the cheapest mobile plans in New Zealand.

Either add on packs or pay per minute as listed above.


Moving to or visiting Australia? Compare Cheapest Mobile Plans in Australia

When visiting Australia for a few weeks, it can sometimes be better to pick up a local sim such as suggested below. You can pick them up from any shopping centre with prepaid credit.

If you’re moving to Australia then Compare Mobile Phone Plans in Australia. Find the cheapest mobile deals with some offering unlimited calls, texts and 2Gb data for only $19.90/month!